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CS-340 Client/Server Development Course Preparation

CS-340 Client/Server Development from SNHU is an eight-course that will give you an introduction to MongoDB by developing a client application that connects to MongoDB.

You can prepare for this course by becoming familiar with the MongoDB manual. If you are familiar with the MySQL database, you will learn that MySQL is a SQL database and MongoDB is a NoSQL database. With your experience using an SQL database, you can translate commonly known SQL terminology to MongoDB terminology.

For example, in SQL a table is referred to as a collection in MongoDB, a row is a document, and a column is a field.

In SQL ORDER BY is equivalent to sort() in MongoDB.



FROM people

WHERE status = "A"

ORDER BY user_id ASC

Mongo sort():

db.people.find( { status: "A" } ).sort( { user_id: 1 } )

Knowing these terms becomes important when you read the course book Mastering MongoDB.