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Post Settings

Review this guide to learn about your post settings.

Writing a New Post

You can write a new post and save it as a draft to edit later or send it for review to get published by an editor.

While your post is under review, you will not be able to edit it in any way. However, you can change the status of your post to a draft to make the edits you need and then resubmit it for review.

Editing Your Post

There are two ways for you to edit your published post:

  1. You can use the post options to suggest a revision (It will be up to an editor to decide if your revision will get applied to your originally published post.)
  2. You can change the status of your published post to a draft, make the necessary changes, and then resubmit it for review.

You can make direct edits at any time to your drafts.

You cannot publish your posts, only editors have this capability. This filtering process helps Brogramo maintain quality content.

Deleting a Post

You can delete your post at any time, regardless of its status.

You can have a total of 2-posts in the trash, saved as drafts, or under review before you are restricted to writing a new post. You can simply delete the posts you have in the trash or submit your drafts for review and wait for them to get published to lift this restriction. This will decrease the number of unpublished posts you have and allow you to write new ones.

Revisions Made to Your Posts

Just like you can revise other users’ posts, others will be able to suggest revisions to your posts. It will be up to an editor to honor such suggestions.

You will remain the author of your post, regardless of the number of times it gets revised. If one of your posts gets revised and the revision gets applied, the reviser’s name may appear indicating that they made changes to your post.

Post Visibility

Published posts are publicly visible to everyone. All other post statuses are private and only viewable by their author, moderators, and editors.